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Flash Media Massa Duplicatie

Flash Media Mass Duplication

High speed - flash memory media mass duplication u-reach data duplicatorsHigh speed flash media duplication
U-Reach duplicators can duplicate more than one hundred target media at once. Speed does not decrease when duplicating larger quantities due to unique U-Reach multi-core technology with independent data channels. Whether you are copying to hundreds or just one target, the duplication speed is the same. Our duplicators increase your production speed efficiency with precise bit by bit duplication and high media compatibility.

Multi copy - flash memory media mass duplication u-reach data duplicators

Professional Use - flash memory media mass duplication u-reach data duplicatorsProfessional use
Most leading manufacturers from around the world use U-Reach as their supplier for duplication solutions. U-Reach has been providing menufacturing duplication solutions for over a decade. U-Reach provides certified quality production worldwide for all well-known companies. We have developed various types of equipment to meet the needs of our customers by working closely with them. Compared to other suppliers, U-Reach provides sophisticated duplication solutions supporting the largest amount of capacity and target.

We have developed a number of standards that improve production efficiency, such as "Quality Examination" of USB drives, "Speed ​​and Capacity Filtration Quick Check" and "Production Management & Yield Analysis" report. We have studied various application environments and models developed to meet the different needs of our customers.

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