Support - Warranty Terms

Support - Warranty Terms
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Support - Warranty Terms


U-Reach Warranty Terms

General TermsGeneral Terms
All products are sold including a standard carry-in warranty period of one year. Some specific products may include a two or three year carry-in warranty period. If so, this is mentioned on the individual product page. Manufacturer warrants to the customer that if a product is or becomes defective and that if in the opinion of manufacturer the defect is due to faulty materials or workmanship, manufacturer will from the date of sale of the product to the customer and during the warranty period, repair or replace, at its sole option, free of charge, any such defective component part of the equipment.

Extended WarrantyExtended Warranty
For some products an optional extended warranty is available. This extended warranty covers parts, labour and return shipment from U-Reach to customer. For more information on Extended Warranty terms please contact us.

What is not covered by the warrantyWhat is not covered by the warranty?
- Failure caused by, use of unauthorised or unsuitable software, connection to incompatible equipment, ingress of moisture, fluid or foreign bodies.
- Physical or electrical stress, connection to an electrical supply for which it has not been adjusted, lightning strike, incorrect storage
- Use of the machine other than specified in the manual.
- Operation or use of the product in unsuitable environments or inappropriate applications, incorrect installation, accidental damage or damage caused by negligence or misuse.
- Unauthorised modification, removal of components, incorrect adjustment or repair by persons other than our trained personnel.
- Wear, tear and gradual deterioration in performance caused by normal use of the machine.

Removal or damaging of warranty seals, barcode stickers, product specifications and/or serial numbers voids warranty.

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