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CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Duplicators - Towers
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Optical Blu-Ray duplicator 1-3 - U-reach BD 1-3 - U-reach BD duplicator 1-3 -
UReach Blu-Ray 1-3 -
Ureach BD duplicator 1-3 -
UReach BD duplicator 1-3 -

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CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Duplicator Tower 1-3

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Duplicator Tower 1-3

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Price UR03B -  CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Duplicator 1-3
Price UR03BHD -  CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Duplicator 1-3 with Harddisk

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Main Features:

- Stand-alone duplicator for recordable Blu-Ray, CD and DVD.
- Independent operation. No PC connection or software is required.
- Equipped with 3 LG Blu-Ray burners.
- Optionally available with built-in hard disk drive.
- Suitable for all users.
- Maximum copy speed of 10x speed for BD-R and 16x speed for DVD.
- The duplicator is suitable for all regular recordable BD, DVD and CD formats.
- Simple operation using buttons and the LCD display on the front.
- 100% reliable copies due to the built-in control functions.

Functions U-Reach Blu-Ray duplicators -

Available models:     

The U-Reach 1-3 Blu-Ray duplicator is suitable for users who regularly produce recordable Blu-Ray, DVD or CD media. The system consists of a CD/DVD/BD reader and three CD/DVD/BD recorders.

Optionally, the U-Reach 1-3 BD duplicator can also be supplied with a built-in hard disk drive. Blu-Ray, CD and DVD images can be stored on this internal hard disk. This eliminates the need for the original "master" disks when duplicating. A major advantage of duplicating from the hard disk is the maximum reliability and stability; reading errors are impossible.

The U-Reach 1-3 CD/DVD/BD duplicator can duplicate three recordable BD-R's at once at up to 10x speed (DVD up to 16x speed). Because the system works completely independently and requires no PC connection or software, the U-Reach 1-3 duplicator is ideal for quick and easy duplication of all regular recordable BD, CD and DVD.

Operating the U-Reach 1-3 CD/DVD/BD duplicator is very simple; all functions are selected using the buttons and the LCD display on the front of the device. This makes the U-Reach 1-3 duplicator suitable for all users, no computer knowledge is required.

Model U-Reach 1-3 Tower Blu-Ray duplicator
Product Code - UR03B
- UR03BHD (with internal harddisk)
EAN Code -
Blu-Ray Drives LG BH16NS40 CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Writer
Write Speeds BD-R, BD-R DL: 10x max
BD-RE, BD-RE DL: 2x max
DVD+R, DVD-R: 16x max
DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL: 8x max
DVD+RW: 8x max
DVD-RW: 6x max
M-DISC: 4x max
CD-R: 40x max
CD-RW: 24x max
Capacity optional Harddisk 1 TB
Connection Stand-alone operation
Language Support English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese
Operation - Display: monochroom LCD
- Status LED: (green) on all drives
- Operation keys: 4 push buttons (up, down, OK, ESC)
Supported Media BD-R (Ver 1.2 Single Layer & Dual Layer)
BD-RE (Ver 3.0 Single Layer & Dual layer)
DVD-R (Ver 2.0 for General)
DVD-R DL (Dual Layer, Ver 3.0)
DVD-RW (Ver 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2)
DVD+R (Ver 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2)
DVD+R DL (Double Layer Ver 1.0)
DVD+RW (Ver 1.3 en High Speed Ver 1.0)
M-DISC (DVD 4,7 GB, BD-R 25 GB)
CD-Recordable (74, 80 min.)
CD-Rewritable (74, 80 min.)
Supported Formats BD-ROM (Ver 1.3 Single & Dual Layer)
BD-R (Ver 1.2 Single Layer & Dual Layer)
BD-RE (Ver 3.0 Single Layer & Dual layer)
DVD-ROM & DVD-Video (Single & Dual Layer, Single & Dual Sided)
DVD-R (Ver 1.0 & 2.0 for Authoring), DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW
CD-ROM (Mode1, XA Mode2)
Photo CD, Video CD, CD-DA, CD-Extra
Power Supply 100-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 300 Watt switchable
Temperature and Humidity - In use: 5°C ~ 35°C (RH: 15% ~ 80%)
- Not in use: -20°C ~ 60°C (RH: 15% ~ 90%)
Dimensions 43.5 x 19.0 x 26.9 cm (LxWxH)
Weight 8.0 kg
Certification FCC, CE, RoHS
Warranty 12 months carry-in

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